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What is TEAM, and how does it work?

TEAM (Title IV Electronic Awarding Module) is a software system that allows schools the ease of requesting award requests to GEMCOR, eliminating the need to submit physical copies of ISIRs and other supporting documentation. It reduces the turnaround time on your awards, uses today's state of the art technology, and saves you from the expense and burden of copying and mailing cumbersome packages of student files.

Your TEAM system also includes electronic withdrawal and refund notifications, electronic subsequent payment requests, and most importantly, report capability ensuring that no students "slip through the cracks" and end up unprocessed.

GEMCOR's new TEAM now joins the best technical support team in the country, combining to give you effortless administration of your Title IV funds.

Using the TEAM approach to award processing is simple and efficient. Your electronic ISIR files, obtained through USDE's EDExpress software or through GEMCOR's Software, are imported into the database. After selecting a student to award, simply enter the program length, cost, and start date. Your electronic award requests can be transmitted to GEMCOR electronically.

  • Student Award Information and Processing
  • Verification and C Code Resolution and Reporting
  • Electronic Withdrawal and Refund Notifications
  • Entrance Counseling
  • Print, Export, View ISIRS
  • MPN Status
  • Disbursement Journals
  • EFC Intermediate Values available for Direct Loan Processing
  • Disbursement Journal Information Available in TEAM
  • Advanced Security Login Roles
  • Full-Time Technical Support Staff available from Monday- Friday 9:00am-5:00pm Central Standard Time

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