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GEMCOR was originally incorporated in 1973 after the HEA Amendments opened Title IV federal financial aid to vocational institutions.  Since the industry's inception, perpetual federal legislation continually increased the need for schools to seek the assistance of professional financial aid administrators. 

During the past several decades, administration of federal aid programs has evolved from simple beginnings, to an advanced, complex profession. Today's financial aid professionals must not only be competent in industry regulations, but also highly computer literate.

Today, GEMCOR is one of the largest, most respected servicers in the nation, administering the federal student aid programs for over 150 schools across the country.

GEMCOR, Inc. Outsourcing is the most cost-effective way to handle many administrative functions. If you have ever used an accounting or payroll service, or even an attorney, then you are already familiar with the cost benefits of outsourcing.

Servicing 150 institutions allows us to pass volume-based savings on to even the smallest school, where our full service administration fees can cost less than your health insurance premium for a single employee.

Compare that to what you are now paying for complete Title IV aid administration. Professional service for less cost. The answer is simple. Start enjoying the benefits of our services today.

Excellence and Professionalism are the cornerstones of success. Our constant pursuit of this motto has enabled GEMCOR to remain one of the largest, most successful servicers in the nation. The education industry has experienced immeasurable change over the past several years. Gemcor, Inc.

School owners would not entrust their legal and tax matters to anyone other than a professional, nor should they entrust their financial and business futures to non-professionals. Our industry has suffered unprecedented hardship. Like you, we are a survivor.

History has shown that neither one of us could have done it alone. Perfection demands partnership. Your longevity, like ours, requires mutual knowledge and teamwork. Continuing education in federal student aid administration is as important in our field as in any other. Whether through newsletters, private training sessions, daily technical support, or formal seminars, we’re committed to your education.

Effective teamwork can only result if all the players know the rules. Not only do we work for our clients, but we also work with them. We work in tandem to ensure complete compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements.

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