Don Grybas
Don Grybas, President, has a degree in public accounting from DePaul University in Chicago, and has had extensive training in business management and computer operations. He began his career in the federal student aid industry in 1982 as a staff accountant with Student Financial Aid Services, Inc. During the next nine years with this firm, he progressed through several positions including: Accounting Manager, Operations Director, and Vice President. In 1991, he purchased the company, and subsequently changed the corporate name to GEMCOR, Inc. As the
company's president, Don is responsible for all executive level decisions, regulation interpretation, marketing, public relations, and management of the company's Computer Systems and Software Division. In addition to his "in-house" responsibilities, Don regularly represents the company at various national and regional trade shows and education conferences on various areas of federal student aid administration, and also conducts the company's annual client training seminars. His past experience as an accreditation evaluator, and his degree in accounting, also give him the unique experience to provide the advisory services to his clients in school administration and financial responsibility matters, in addition to financial
aid administration and computer operations.
Don Grybas
President of Gemcor, Inc.
Phone: 1-630-633-5600 ext. 101


Steve Berry Laurie Grybas Megan Refness
Steve Berry
Vice President
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Laurie Westberg
Director of I.T.
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Megan Refness
Director of Federal Direct
Student Loan Division
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Michele Thompson
Federal Direct
Student Loan Officer
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I.T. Support Specialist
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Carri Catalano
Cash Management Officer
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Jacki Griffin
Verification Specialist
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Sue Berry
Administrative Officer
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Dayna Grybas
Administrative Officer
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