Depending on the condition of your past records, conversion is most often seamless. 
A small checklist of information required is sent to your school. 

Upon receipt of that information, your account can be up and running in our systems within 24 hours, and with the USDE within a week.

Check List


Our systems are fully electronic with the Department of Education which allows schools that are not computerized to meet all federal requirements regarding electronic capability.

Department of Education


Yes. Our TEAM Software System gives computerized schools the capability to electronically receive and submit student files between our offices.  

Using TEAM, schools can electronically receive ISIR documents, and submit TitleIV award requests to GEMCOR directly from your computer system.  

This paperless process is the fastest way to administer your federal aid awards.


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First, the servicer industry has gone through a metamorphosis much like schools
have. Third party servicers are regulated by the Department as are schools.
Only those committed to proficiency and accountability have tenure in the industry.
Additionally, unlike other servicers today, GEMCOR does not lock its clients in to
long term, unbreakable contracts.

If, for any reason, our services no longer meet your needs, you may cancel your agreement with just 30 days notice.

We've maintained success since 1973 by continually satisfying our family of clients. Also, we believe that good business is done by referral.


We encourage you to contact our clients and professional associates for their opinion about our commitment to service.


We recommend that a change be made so our systems are populated on a daily basis with CPS information for your school, but it is not mandatory. Schools can continue to perform ISIR processing with the Department of Education through their existing TG code number.

Fully Computerized Operations

GEMCOR will be signed up to transmit COD origination and disbursement records on the school’s behalf.


No. GEMCOR has an independent audit performed each year on its compliance with federal student aid regulations. This audit is provided to you free of charge.

As a matter of fact, your audit cost may even decrease because work that you previously performed while processing financial aid in house, is now done by GEMCOR, and audited separately.

Save Money


No. Our full service administration includes toll free technical support and regulatory guidance. The “attorney clock” is never ticking when you call GEMCOR.

Federal aid administration is so complex, we don’t want cost to be a deciding factor in whether or not you contact us for support.

Technical support is so convenient you don’t even have to pay for the phone call.

Technical Support


Yes. At any time mutually convenient, you can send your staff members to GEMCOR’s offices for personalized training. There is no charge to our clients for this training.

GEMCOR also conducts 10-12 annual one-day, summer seminars providing group training to clients in a hands-on setting.

Join Us


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Yes. Our TRAX® Student Tracking System gives schools a user friendly, Windows based, environment to handle everything for your student records management needs from prospect and lead tracking through enrollment, SAP, accounts receivable, placement, and default management.


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No. Our organization is divided into departments which handle specific areas for all client schools, i.e., Accounting, Loan Processing, Grant Processing, Technical Support Services, etc. The benefit of this approach is that, unlike an on-campus employee, we never go on vacation or get sick.

GEMCOR’s agents are there Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 5:00 Central Time to handle your daily needs.

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